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A Simple Sunday Slice

Today I…

… slept in, maybe, but it’s hard to know because it was Daylight Savings last night and also two little boys snuck into bed this morning and did more giggling than sleeping.

…marveled at how quickly my husband can unpack a suitcase because there’s a very good chance mine will remain packed until next weekend.

…spent a lot of time playing with my little boys because I could and because I wanted to and because after three days apart they wanted all the mommy snuggles.

…drank plenty of coffee in my newest mug from my sister-in-law because, well, coffee is part of my everyday life and also because now that I think about it I don’t think I slept in that much after all. 

…did load after load of laundry because somehow four people can produce a surprising amount of dirty clothes in just four nights away.

…read my newest library book because it’s one I’ve been looking forward to and I just finished my previous book and I’m trying to hold on to that spring break feeling just a little bit longer.

…went into one of my schools to set up for tomorrow and brought my littlest boy with me because we all need to get out of the house on a dreary day and he was thrilled to see where Mommy goes to “do music with the kids.”

…put my feet up and watched tv with my husband after the kids were in bed because it’s our Sunday night routine and one of the best ways to fight off the Sunday Scaries.

…wrote this simple slice and reflected on how my simple Sunday was actually pretty full because it simply was.

Today’s Slice is from Day 12 of the Slice of Life March Writing Challenge sponsored by Two Writing Teachers, and uses the “today I…” prompt/format.


5 responses to “A Simple Sunday Slice”

  1. I enjoyed reading about your simple Sunday filled with quality time with your family, coffee, books, and setting up for your work. It sounded like a cozy day. I am curious, what is the library book you read?
    P. Tinting

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