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What’s Your Rainbow?

This month, my schools are participating in March Book Madness. I’ve been reading one of the books to my music classes: Music is a Rainbow, by Bryan Collier.

In this book, a little boy receives this advice from his father:

“Son, life is full of holes. You may want to close them up to keep out the storm. But make sure to leave room for that rainbow to find you.”

It’s a beautiful book about the choices we make and the things that fill the holes in our lives in times of trouble. In the author’s note, Collier explains, “Time after time, the boy discovers that music is his light or rainbow in the midst of darkness.”

After reading, I asked my students to think about the following: What is your rainbow? 

And now I present to you:

The Rainbows of Children, Aged 5-11:




Eating pizza


My dog







Boba Tea



My guinea pigs

Going downtown



Going outside


Video games

Actual rainbows

My best friends

My family

Ah, the wisdom of children.  I told them it’s okay to have more than one rainbow, but that I hoped they could think of at least one. 

What brings light to your life? What is your rainbow? I hope you have more than one, too.

Today’s piece is part of the Slice of Life March Writing Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.


2 responses to “What’s Your Rainbow?”

  1. This is so good to get a little glimpse into the minds of children. Sometimes I think we forget that the simple things can make us also very happy. I think now in my career I am working on re-finding my rainbows. I’ve been pretty swept up in things that didn’t always bring me joy, and at this point, I am figuring out what is the most important thing exploring my own passions and helping celebrate my children finding theirs. Kudos to you on this lovely post.


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