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Not-Quite-Irish Blessings for Teachers

In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day, please enjoy this collection of not-quite-Irish blessings I wrote for all the teachers in my life!


May your lessons go smooth

And your patience be strong

And when you’re observed

May nothing go wrong


May the hands raise to greet you

May students walk calm behind your back

May recess sun shine warm upon your face

And ‘til the buses leave again

May good listening always reign across the land


There once was a teachin’ profession

Which is sometimes considered a blessin’

For a teacher it’s true

There’s just so much to do

It’s much more than just teachin’ yer lessons


May you always be granted:

Children who listen, parents who understand

Principals who support, and lessons that land

Copiers that work, books that are loved

Directives that always make sense from above

Supplies when they’re needed, and storage when not

Time for the restroom, and coffee that’s hot


Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! Let me know which of my “blessings” rang truest for you!

And on this Friday, love and luck to you all.

Today’s slice is part of the Slice of Life Writing Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.


4 responses to “Not-Quite-Irish Blessings for Teachers”

  1. When I started to read your teacher blessings, of course the 1st one was perfect. Then I read the 2nd one and thought that one was perfect, the the 3rd and the 4th. So if it’s ok with you, I would love all 4 teacher blessings especially since I have 5 more school days before spring break! Clever slice!


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