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The Seeds That We Sow

This poem was inspired by today, the first day of spring, and reflections of motherhood’s journey.

The Seeds That We Sow

The future seems far
And who knows what will be
We just wish and we hope and we pray
We plan and we take
And we work and we make
The best decisions we can for today

We all do our best
And we do what we know
And we hope that we don’t steer them wrong
We hope that our choices
Can foster their voices
To be sure, to stand up, to be strong

We lead them and love them
And teach them the lessons
We hope will guide them through life
We pray it’s enough
Oh, this job can be tough
It can weigh on your heart day and night

We give them our love
And we give them our time
And we hope that they grow wise and good
For the seeds that we sow
Are the things that will grow
In this garden of their childhood

From last year: a late summer photo of our wild and beautiful boy in our wild and beautiful garden.

This poem is my 20th of 31 Slices for the Slice of Life March Writing Challenge hosted by Two Writing Teachers.


8 responses to “The Seeds That We Sow”

  1. What a beautiful poem you’ve written. It’s not only heartfelt, but the rhythm and rhyme works really well. And that photo….oh! It’s pretty magical, and the perfect accompaniment!


  2. Oh, how I love this. You should print it and hang it in the staff room/bathroom/mail room where everyone can see it. Simply beautiful.


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